Challenge Coins

This one-of-a-kind coin depicts the logo of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc., superimposed on a Korean style Tae Duk of vertical red and white stripes merging on a blue field. The reverse side depicts one of the Sculptures of the 19 figure column. Symbolically it is the figure facing the Wall joining the column to the Wall as it is reflected thereon.




English DVD

This DVD features an in-depth, English language tour of the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.



Korean DVD

This DVD features an in-depth, Korean language (Hangul) tour of the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.




Forgotten No More

This compelling and informative book tells the story behind the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Thirty-three years after the American men and women of the Korean War came home, Congress at last recognized their sacrifice and record of selfless service by building a Korean War Veterans Memorial. Beautiful vivid color and historic black and white images and lively text capture both the memorial and the Korean War. Forgotten No More pays tribute to the men and women who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they had never met. Award-winning writer


Designing for Remembrance by William P. Lecky, FAIA

A fascinating book on memorial design. As architect for both the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial, both on the National Mall, this book offers a unique insight into the personal, political, financial, and artistic challenges involved in designing a national memorial. It is written from the perspective of an insider, with many unique stories that could only be told by someone in his position. It features a series of breathtaking photographs of some of our nation’s most moving commemorative designs. In addition to the Vietnam and Korean Memorials, there is also commentary about the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the World Trade Center Memorial in New York.





A set of 5 full color posters 20″x24″ − each representing a different scene of the Memorial.




A package of 10 different, standard size, full color postcards − depicting the Memorial.