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April 2021 – Onsite Progress

Construction Trade Services completed removal of soil from the PoR Plaza during the month of May.

  • CONSTRUCTION BARRICADE: Construction barricades and fencing installation completed this month. Mesh fence with scrim barricade was completed on 4/7. The entrance gate was installed and completed on 4/8. Wooden barricades were completed on 4/9.
  • PoR PLAZA: The sand set and mortared pavers salvage operation completed this month on 4/16. Pavers were cleaned, stacked and secured on pallets, and removed off site to Lorton Stone’s storage facility. Demolition of the concrete slab beneath the pavers and removal of the Linden tree stumps began while paver salvage was finishing and completed on 4/23. Soil removal beneath the slab began on 4/23 and is scheduled to be completed 1st week of May. Cutting and capping of existing utilities began on 4/20 and is planned to end the 1st week of May as well. Upcoming activities for the month of May include helical pile installation, removal of the last 8” of soil, and pile encasement with concrete.
  • MURAL WALL: Plywood protection was installed for demolition operations. Mortared pavers on the mow strip were removed this month as well.
  • UN CURB: The mow strip mortared pavers were removed this month, which completed on 4/27. A ramp was constructed from the UN Curb pathway into the grass area for the groundbreaking ceremony, completed on 4/27.
  • SITE WORK: Ground protection matting installation at the laydown area completed on 4/12. Site wash rack installed, and sediment & erosion controls completed on 4/13. Test pits for existing utility location began on 4/16, with a planned completion 1st week of May. Stump grinding for site trees completed on 4/19. Root pruning for the site trees occurred on 4/21. Tree protection fencing installed and completed on 4/22. Tree preservation measures began on 4/23 and will resume later in the year. Upcoming activities for the month of May include demolition of the existing leaf collection structures and piping and storm piping.
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