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April 2022 – Onsite Progress

Wall of Remembrance Panels in Segment 2 – Last panel setting day.

  • PoR PLAZA: A major project milestone was accomplished in the month of April with the completion of the installation of the WoR panels, which completed on 4/9. Sand set paver reinstallation continued for segments 1, 2, & 3. The bulk of the sand set pavers have been completed, except for some fill-ins cut pieces, which is expected to be completed in early May. Relief angle that supports the WoR panels in segment 2 was completed on the last day of March. Installation of the large, mortared pavers for segment 3 were completed on 4/1. Segment 2 large, mortared pavers began on 4/1 and were completed on 4/30. This also completes the large, mortared pavers for segment 1. The lighting and handrail install for segment 1 began on 4/18. Stainless panel clips, the granite veneer panel install, and lighting for the south cheek wall began on 4/18 and was completed on 4/25. The north cheek wall stainless clips, granite panels, and lighting started on 4/22 and completed on 4/27. Upcoming activities for May include completion of the tree grate paver installation, sand set pavers, and caulking.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: Crack isolation membrane was completed for the entire pool on 4/5. The pool paver installation continued in April, with a scheduled completion date in early May. Grouting of the completed pool pavers began on 4/14, with an expected completion in early May as well. Upcoming activities for May is the punch list for the pool pavers, filling the pool, and pump start-up.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): The irrigation system on the south side behind segment 3 began on 4/4 and completed on 4/25. Waterproofing details in segment 2 began on 4/4 and was completed on 4/19. WoR drainage behind the panels for segment 1 was competed between 4/5 and 4/6. The WoR drainage continued into segment 3 that began on 4/6 was completed on 4/11. Irrigation piping install on the north began on 4/6. Temporary pedestrian protection for the existing Ash Road demolition was set up between 4/13-4/14. The irrigation sleeve under the proposed south sidewalk was installed on 4/19. Topsoil and sod for the segment 3 berm began on 4/21 and ended on 4/28. The irrigation system was tested and passed on 4/25. Topsoil and sod on segment 1 berm began on 4/28. The north irrigation sleeve under the proposed north sidewalk was installed on 4/28. Upcoming Activities for May include drainage pipe and board behind the south and north cheek walls, both north and south sidewalk preps and pour, grading and lightweight fill for the segment 2 berm, maple tree planting and viburnum shrub planting.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: The new stainless inlay lettering for the Casualty Curb were completed on 4/1. The granite vertical veneer panels under the UN curb began on 4/1 and ended on 4/25. The non-lit bollards for the FoS on the south and west pathways began on 4/14. Upcoming activities for May in the FoS include aiming of the statue lighting, installation of new west pathway edging, caulking of the west paver pathway, and installation of the non-lit & lit bollards and all chains.
  • PUMP ROOM: Maintenance of the pump and pipe system as well as the exhaust fan system continued in April, with an expected completion in mid-May. The dehumidifier was installed on 4/19. The upcoming activities for May include installation of the new pump controller, replacing pipe insulation, labelling the pipes, installation a sump pit cover, and a new pump room grate.
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