Byung (Paul) H. Lee Lieutenant Colonel ROK (Ret.)

His military service began in 1952 when he entered the Korean War as a KATUSA. He later served two tours during the Vietnam War and continued to excel among the ranks. By the time Paul retired, he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel while serving in the Republic of Korea Army. During his time in service, Paul completed Infantry School, Medical Field Service School, Ranger School, and graduated with a Masters of Healthcare Administration from Baylor University.  

Paul’s servant leadership continued after his military service ended by participating in various boards and committees to help educate and commemorate those who have served. This is why his time spent with the Korean Veterans Memorial Foundation is so important to the organization because of his non-deniable dedication to service. 

Paul Lee works around the clock when it comes to fundraising for the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation other organizations. The funds he has been able to raise help amazing things transpire here in the United States and in South Korea. Paul first got into fundraising for organizations in 1993 and he has not stopped since his work ethic and passion are what drives him further along on his path. 

Key awards and assignments

  • Chief of Staff J-5, Field Command K-Forces Vietnam 1968-1999
  • President of Korean Meritorious Veteran Association Washington 2009-Present
  • Presidential Citation from the  Republic of Korea in 2012
  • Member of the National Unification Advisory Council 1982-Present
  • Person of the Year ROK-USA Alliance/ Korean-American Fund. INC 2020

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