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September 2021 – Onsite Progress

Gravel mulch was installed around the Junipers and pathway restoration around the FoS began this month. In December Statue lighting will be installed and pathway finishing will complete leaving on the UN Curb replacement and bollard installation as the only remaining major work items.

  • PoR PLAZA: Segment 3 horizontal slab pour was completed on 9/7. WoR concrete slab base rebar was started in all segments on 9/14, the pours are scheduled for late October. All of the plaza benches were formed and poured, with a completion date of 9/15. Electrical hand hole work within each segment is continuing and conduit and wire was pulled for the rough-in of the handrail lighting, which was completed 9/21. The trench drain base rebar and pour was completed on 9/27. Mortared set pavers began on 9/27, with an expected completion in late October. Upcoming activities for the plaza include the lightweight fill install under the WoR, forming and pouring the WoR concrete slab base, sand set paver install, trench drain install, and Linden Tree install.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: All of the pavers in the PoR were removed and completed by 9/30. Upcoming activities include a light mock-up, waterproofing of the slab, rebar, concrete topping slab, resetting of the pavers, and grout installation to complete the activity. The lighting mock-up is scheduled to occur at the end of October, with the waterproofing install soon after.
  • MURAL WALL: The mow strip south of the mural wall was formed, poured, and completed on 9/14. The stone sets will be re-installed in October.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): The cheek wall for the north retaining wall was poured on 9/7. The south pier cap activities began with grading the sub-grade on 9/9. Forming, rebar and pour of the cap slab was completed on 9/14. The south cheek wall activities began with rebar on 9/14 and completed the pour on 9/17.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: Ink/waxing of the statues was completed on 9/3. The upcoming activities for the FoS include cleaning and caulking of the paver pathways, juniper planting, irrigation drip tubing install, and light install for the mural wall pathway and statues.
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