• PoR PLAZA: Sand set paver reinstallation in segments 3 & 2 are ongoing and will continue into February. Segment 1 sand set pavers will begin in February. The installation of the final granite bench will be completed in early February. Wall of Remembrance panels 100-085 install began on 12/20 and was completed on 1/18. The extended duration is due to a layout discrepancy that was resolved in late December. Steel support installation for the grating at the Linden tree pits continued into January and is scheduled to be completed in February. The L06 light sleeve install south of the Mural Wall began on 1/21 and is scheduled to be completed in February. Upcoming activities for February include beginning installation of WoR panels in segment 1 (panels 1-26), installation of the large, mortared pavers in front of segment 3 WoR panels and mockup section of the panels to include the handrail, caulking, waterproofing, and drainage board.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: The installation of the light sleeves for the pool began on 1/26 and is planned to be completed in early February. Upcoming activities for February include completion of waterproofing around the light sleeves, concrete topping slab infill, tenting and heat within the pool, crack membrane install, and start of paver reinstallation.
  • MURAL WALL: The reinstallation of the mow strip pavers on the south side of the Mural Wall began on 1/31 and is scheduled to be completed in February. The grouting of these pavers will begin once the weather is suitable.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): The weather the project experienced in January was not suitable to allow for much site work to be completed. The upcoming activities that are scheduled for February include waterproofing, drain board, & drain tile behind the 1st (16) WoR panels and installation of the remaining lightweight fill in segment 3 to create the berm also behind the WoR panels. The remaining grade cut in segment 2 is scheduled to be completed once the WoR panels are installed in segment 2.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: The remaining UN Curb pieces were removed in January in anticipation of the new UN Curb arrival in early February. The west pathway restoration work continued with the re-installation of the pavers and bollard bases (where concrete foundations for the bollards could not be poured). The caulking of these pavers will be completed once the weather is more suitable for material application. The trench drain on the west paver pathway was cleaned in early January. The upcoming activities in February for the FoS include the flushing out of the west pathway drain laterals, aiming of the statue lighting, honing and engraving of the Causality curb, removal and installation of new quote stone lettering (triangle stone below the flagpole), and UN Curb installation.
  • PUMP ROOM: The activities planned for February in the pump room include pump and pipe maintenance, installing a dehumidifier, maintenance to the exhaust fan and dampers, and replacing insulation and labels on the existing piping.
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