• PoR PLAZA: Sand set paver reinstallation continued for segments 1 & 3 in March. WoR panels 001 & 002 were completed on 3/2. Caulking for the WoR panels in segments 1 & 3 began on 3/2, and segment 2 started on 3/29. Steel tree grate install was completed on 3/4. Relief angle that supports the WoR panels in segment 2 continued in March, segment 3 relief angle was completed on 3/17. Installation of the large, mortared pavers in segment 1 that began end of February, were completed on 3/18. WoR panels in segment 3 (084-067) were completed on 3/25. WoR panels in segment 2 started on 3/25 and are scheduled to be completed mid-April. The Wall of Remembrance Dedication Panel was engraved this month as well. Upcoming activities for April include completion of the large, mortared pavers in front of the WoR panels, tree grate paver installation, & veneer wall stone and lighting installation at the north and south sidewalks.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: The installation of the light fixtures for the pool was completed on 3/1. Crack isolation membrane and paver installation continued in March. A tent and heater are continuous in the pool to assist installing the pool pavers to create acceptable temperature conditions. Upcoming activities for April include completing paver installation and grouting/caulking the pavers
  • MURAL WALL: The grouting of the mow strip pavers south of the Mural Wall, which began in mid-March was completed on 3/22, along with the associated caulking.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): Waterproofing on the back side of the WoR panels for segment 1 began on 3/10 and completed on 3/28. WoR panel drainage on the back side from panels 084-100 was completed on 3/15. Upcoming Activities for April include drain tile and filter fabric install behind the segment 1 WoR panels, as well as behind the south cheek walls. Segment 3 waterproofing and drain tile are also scheduled to be completed in April. Irrigation installation on the both the south and north/northwest lawns are scheduled to begin in April, along with maple tree planting (north side) and sod install for the same areas. The grade cut in segment 2 (east side) is scheduled to be completed once the WoR panels are installed in segment 2, which is also planned for late April.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: Honing of the Causality Curb was completed on 3/16 and engraving occurred between 3/18 – 3/25. The new stainless inlay lettering for the Casualty Curb began on 3/24, with an expected completion in early April. The UN Curb installation started back up on 3/28 and is expected to be completed early April as well. Upcoming activities in the FoS include aiming of the statue lighting, installation of new west pathway edging, caulking pf the west paver pathway, and installation of the non-lit bollards and chains.
  • PUMP ROOM: The sump pit and reservoir cleaning for the pump room occurred on 3/16. Maintenance of the pump and pipe system as well as the exhaust fan system continued in March, with an expected completion in April. The upcoming activities for April include installation of the new pump controller, a dehumidifier, replacing pipe insulation, labelling the pipes, installation a sump pit cover, cleaning out the sump pit and reservoir next to the pump room.
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