November 2021 Onsite Progress

  • PoR PLAZA: Mortar set paver grouting (7’ radius from edge of pool) was completed 11/5. Sand set paver reinstallation (7’ to 32’) began on 11/10 in segment 3 & 11/23 in segment 2. Lightweight fill install directly behind segment 3 wall panels was completed on 10/27, segment 2 lightweight fill was completed 10/28, and segment 1 was completed on 11/16. Irrigation drip line for the Linden trees was completed on 11/16. Granite bench install began on 11/18. WoR concrete slab: Wall activities that include rebar installation and concrete pours from panel #100 to panel #9 was completed on 11/19, the last section of gutter needs to be installed to complete pour of the WoR panels, which is scheduled for the 1st week of December. Upcoming activities for December include completing the gutter install & WoR concrete, continued granite bench install, steel angle and support at the tree pits and for WoR panels, and the delivery and install of WoR panels 85-100.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: Waterproofing of the slab was started on 11/8. The topping slab will be poured in two sections with the first scheduled to take place in early December. Upcoming activities include install of light fixture sleeves, complete waterproofing the slab around the light sleeves, rebar, concrete topping slab, resetting of the pavers, and grout installation to complete the activity.
  • MURAL WALL: No activities this month, paver install on the south side of the mural wall is the only remaining item.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): The bio-retention pond on the SW side of the site was started on 11/18 and is scheduled to complete at the beginning of December. The 2 bio-swales are planned to start in early December and be completed within 2 weeks. The remaining cut out of grade in segment 2 is scheduled to be completed in December/January due to logistical access. The additional activities that are scheduled for December include water proofing & drain tile behind the WoR panels and remaining lightweight fill install to create the berm also behind the WoR panels.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: The Mural Wall pathway caulking began on 11/5 a punchlist for the restoration work on this pathway was created and completed by 11/23. Restoration work on the North pathway, along the UN curb, began on 11/24. The gravel mulch in the FoS was completed on 11/19. The upcoming activities for the FoS include cleaning and caulking of the West paver pathway and light install adjacent to the Statues.
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