• CONSTRUCTION BARRICADE: Wooden barricade will be completed by end of week 4/5. Mesh fence with scrim barricade installed with the exception of the construction entrance gate. This entrance gate is scheduled to be installed Friday 4/9.
  • POOL PLAZA: Existing Linden tree removal completed. Sand set and mortared pavers removal ongoing. Pavers are being cleaned off and set on pallets for off site removal. Paver removal scheduled completion is the week of 4/12. Demolition of the concrete slab under the pavers to begin week of 4/12.
  • MURAL WALL: In process of protecting wall before demolition operations.
  • SITE WORK: Traffic control around the area has been installed. Tree removal around the site is completed. Existing utilities marked. Three construction trailers set and operating. Stump grinding for site trees scheduled for week of 4/12. Site wash rack scheduled to be installed 4/8-9, along with ground protection matting within the laydown area.

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