• PoR PLAZA: Soil removal beneath the demolished slab and cutting and capping of existing utilities, which started in April, both completed on 5/7. Helical pile installation began on 5/10 and completed on 5/14. These piles will support the new WoR and Plaza slab. The removal of the final 8” of subgrade soil in the plaza started on 5/13 and was completed on 5/18. The first concrete pour on the project occurred on 5/18 when work on the concrete encasement around the helical piles began, this work completed on 5/27. The sub-drainage piping and aggregate base installation began on 5/24 and is scheduled to be completed in the 2nd week of June. Upcoming activities for the PoR plaza in the month of June include leaf collector and storm water piping install. Planting soil installation, under slab power and irrigation install is scheduled.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: Removal of grout from the pool pavers began in May and expected to be completed early June.
  • MURAL WALL: The existing electrical hand holes on the south side of the wall were removed on 5/26.
  • UN CURB: The mow strip concrete foundation was removed on 5/28.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): Demolition of the existing leaf collection structures and piping started on 5/3 and was completed on 5/19. Test pitting for existing underground utilities was performed on 5/5. Upcoming activities for site work in the month of June include installation of leaf collector structures and piping and storm piping.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: Temporary pedestrian barricades were installed around the entire FoS following the Groundbreaking Ceremony on 5/24 & 5/25. The statues were protected by flag streamers, foam and 2×4” handrails that began on 5/25 and was completed on 5/28. Chain link bollards and foundations were removed concurrently with statue protection install. The removal of the existing soils and plantings began on 5/28 and scheduled to be completed in late June. Upcoming work in June will be cleaning the statues and underground utilities.
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