• PoR PLAZA: The sub-drainage piping and aggregate base installation which began on 5/24 was completed on 6/15. The planting soil in the plaza started on 6/15 and is scheduled to be completed the 2nd week of July. The leaf collector piping coming out of the pool started on 6/23 and is scheduled to be completed the 2nd week of July. Within the planting soil conduits for power was run to each hand hole (this will be the power for all of the lighting within the plaza). Upcoming activities for the plaza include installation of irrigation sleeves, filter fabric, aggregate base for concrete, vapor barrier, and rebar for the concrete slab pours.
  • POOL of REMEMBRANCE: Removal of grout from the pool pavers completed in June. Upcoming activities will be the removal of the outer 6 rows of pavers, topping slab install, resetting of the pavers, and grout installation to complete the activity.
  • MURAL WALL: Conduits for the new Mural Wall lights were ran on the south side of the wall. The next activity will be to complete the conduit runs, backfill, and install the hand holes, which is scheduled to occur towards the end of July.
  • UN CURB: The veneer granite panels that sit below the curb were removed in early June and will be refinished prior to reinstallation. The existing UN Curb will stay in place until we are closer to the install of the new curb. The upcoming activity for the UN Curb will be to pour the mow strip, which is planned to be complete mid-July.
  • SITE WORK (outside PoR Plaza): Upcoming activities for site work in the month of July include installation of leaf collector structures and piping and storm piping. Also, for July the pier cap slabs and cheek walls are scheduled to be poured. These slabs and walls sit in the same footprint as the sidewalks that will connect the Memorial to Ash Road and Independence Ave.
  • FIELD OF SERVICE: Statue cleaning and protection began on 6/21 and was completed on 6/30. The demolition of the existing lighting and conduit for the statues started on 6/9 and is scheduled to complete by the end of August. Installation of conduit for the new light bollards started on 6/25 and is scheduled to complete by mid-July. Formwork for the bollard foundations has also began with the first pour happening on 6/30, this work is scheduled to complete by mid-July. Upcoming work for the FoS includes conduit install for the new statue lighting, subdrainage piping investigation and repair, new soil installation, & irrigation install.
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